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Liberty Pressed Metals has the capability to understand the unique requirements of a variety of industries and to suggest the right alloy for the particular application. Our Engineers and Metallurgists are involved in the product design from day one to optimize cost savings.

Liberty Pressed Metals supplies highly engineered powder metal products such as gears, sprockets, cams, bushings, and bearings in a variety of different materials such as steel, alloy steels, stainless steels, copper-Infiltrated steels, brass, and bronze.

The sintered metals process is ideally suited for high-volume parts reaching quantities of millions per year and yet can be economical even for lower volumes.

The powder metals process is a net-shape or near-net-shape process using up to 99% of the original raw material and minimizes the need for costly secondary machining.

LPM has complete capabilities to provide secondary operations such as drilling, tapping, or other machining operations when necessary.

A variety of processes, like plating, steam treating, phosphate treatment, and black oxide treatment are available to enhance corrosion protection.

Powder Metal Parts for: Automotive Industry • Lawn, Garden & Agricultural Equipment Industry • Sporting Goods

automotive powder metal partslawn and garden powder metal partsSporting Goods firearms powder metal parts

Home Appliances Industry • Conveyor Belt Industry • Tools

powder metal parts for appliances conveyor belt powder metal partstools powder metal parts




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